Cranberry Music is a new music company for timeless artists who make timeless music.

Our mission statement is “to spread hope to the whole world through music.”

Founded by Songwriter, Producer and Manager Jeffery David. He helped guide Echosmith to world-wide success and co-wrote every song that’s ever been released including the smashes “Cool Kids”, “Bright”, “Over My Head” and so many others. He also helped the band secure brand deals with Coach, State Farm, Hollister (Sydney’s own clothing line), Samsung, Nutella, Tillys and so many more.

The band grew up in the studio around Jeffery who also happens to be the band’s father. When artists like Seal, Mat Kearney, O Town, Cindy Herron of En Vogue were hanging at the house the band just gravitated towards who they were meant to be. Great artists!

“There’s nothing more exciting than developing something that you know is 1 in 10 million before anyone else knows it, and more important believing it before anyone else believes it”, says Jeffery.

There’s a relentless pursuit of opportunities for artists which is why you see Echsomith on records all over the planet like Zedd, Blas Canto, Steve Aoki, For King And Country and Timbaland. They are also in talks to develop a tv show around Cool Kids.

“I cannot help but chase new opportunities for my artists because I believe so strongly that the world is so desperate for goodness and hope that the artists I work for bring that it’s part of my mission statement too. That’s why we wrote songs like Cool Kids and Bright and Lonely Generation and Diamonds”. says Jeffery.

Cranberry Music has 2 labels under one umbrella.

Cranberry Records will now serve as an incubator label for new artists and at the right time they will upstream to Sunrise. The idea of development and mentorship is at the heart of it all.

Partnering with legendary artist Seal was an irresistible opportunity. Imagine if you’re a new artist and things are blowing up and you can be guided by Seal and Jeffery David. You could learn how to avoid so many mistakes we all made, how to negotiate deals, how to navigate press, how to say no and when to say yes. This idea of development and mentorship is missing in today’s music labels. We want to change that.

The model for Sunrise is evolving but very exciting!

For Investor and all other opportunities please contact Jeffery

God bless you all!

The Team

Jeffery David – Ceo & Founder

Linda Sierota – Tour Management

Tomara – Social Media/Assistant

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